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Product Name
Super Lube EPO Grease 4 oz
Item #: 97471
High quality lithium grease made with non-lead anti-wear and extreme pressure additives and… more
Super Lube "00" Grease 1 Quart
Item #: 97526
A specialty semi-fluid grease which contains a conventional non-lead anti-wear (AW) / extreme… more
Premium Carburetor Cleaner 16 oz
Item #: 42608
Designed to clean carburetors and chokes by dissolving gum, varnish, lead and carbon deposits. 16… more
Heavy Duty Engine Degreaser 14.5 oz
Item #: 97566
Champion Engine Degreaser provides extra strength for those tough and dirty jobs.
Chain Lube - White Lithium 11 oz
Item #: 97561
Champion chain lube is water and heat resistant for superior corrosion and friction protection.
Heavy Duty Penetrant 9 oz
Item #: 97564
Champion Penetrant is an amazing tool for making repair work easier whenever trouble is caused by… more
Champion Tire Sealant 16 oz
Item #: 97560
A heavy duty tire sealant specially formulated to aid in the repair and prevention of flat tires… more

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