Bench Sharpeners & Parts

Product Name
Super Jolly Bench Grinder 120V
Item #: 47320
Designed specifically for pro cutters! Provides increased sharpening speed over manual models.… more
Jolly Star Grinder 120V
Item #: 47993
Newly designed self centering vise ensures accurate and consistent grinding on both left and… more
Compact Grinder 120V
Item #: 47998
"Tecomec" Professional grinder sharpens all semi-chisel chains from 1/4" to .404" pitch. Made in… more
Jolly EVO Grinder 120V
Item #: 47994
Professional Grinder sharpens all types of saw chain from 1/4" to .404 pitch
Laser Chain Grinder 120V
Item #: 47227
Professional Grinder sharpens all chain from 1/4" to .404" pitch.
Small Chain Grinder
Item #: 47228
Hobbyist grinder sharpens 1/4" to .404" pitch chain. Comes with one 1/8" grinding wheel. Ideal… more
Kool Grind Lubricant
Item #: 47210
Silicone-based wax cylinder that cools and lubricates during sharpening operations.
Dressing Brick
Item #: 47279
Used to dress a grinding wheel back to it's original profile.
Gauge Tool
Item #: 47278
Handy tool to check on the profile of a grinding wheel when dressing.
Head Return Spring
Item #: 47166
Replacement head return spring to fit "Jolly Star" (#47993) grinder. Spring ends point in same… more
Pawl Knob
Item #: 47377
Fits "Jolly Star" grinders (#47993)
Motor for Jolly Star Grinder
Item #: 47174
Replacement motor fits "Jolly Star" grinder.

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