3/8" X .058" (LASER #7)

Designed for the Professional or Semi-Pro with fast and aggressive cutting needs. New stepwise forming method used in fabrication assures maximum possible top plate strength. Stronger and better in cold weather than many other semi-chisel/chisel chains. Pre-stretched to minimize guide bar adjustments. For use on saws in the 50 cc to 100 cc class. Available in 25 FT, 100 FT and pre-made loops. Ramped depth gauges. Uses 7/32" file. Cross Reference: Carlton A2L, A2E, A2S and A2C; Husky H48 and H81; McCulloch SPR378G and PM378G; Oregon 73 and 77; Stihl 35S, 35M, 33SF and 33M; Windsor 58A and 58AL; ProKut 3C and 8C; and Laser 7, 7C (chisel) and 58A.

Product Name
Item #: 7XDL
*Must specify DL count on chain loop ordered.
Item #: 7CXDL
*Must specify DL count on chain loop ordered.
LASER 3/8-058 SEMI 60 DL
Item #: 7X60
LASER 3/8-058 CHISEL 60 DL
Item #: 7CX60
LASER 3/8-058 SEMI 68 DL
Item #: 7X68
LASER 3/8-058 CHISEL 68 DL
Item #: 7CX68
LASER 3/8-058 SEMI 72 DL
Item #: 7X72
LASER 3/8-058 CHISEL 72 DL
Item #: 7CX72
LASER 3/8-058 SEMI 84 DL
Item #: 7X84
LASER 3/8-058 CHISEL 84 DL
Item #: 7CX84
LASER 3/8-058 SEMI 93 DL
Item #: 7X93

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