Laser Carbide

Extensive field testing has proven that Carbide Impregnated chain will outlast standard chrome saw chain 5 to 10 times longer (depending on cutting conditions). A custom “carbitron” process electronically impregnates titanium-tungsten carbide into the surface of each cutting tooth, leaving a very hard coating that will not chip, flake, crack, or become brittle. The 2-thousandths thick carbide coating can be sharpened with any good quality file or grinding wheel.

The stay sharp cutters reduce the necessity of filing to an absolute minimum. Available in 3/8” LP, .325”, 3/8” and .404 pitch.

Item #: 17KXDL
Item #: 17KX25
Item #: 18KXDL
Item #: 18KX25
Item #: 11KXDL
Item #: 11KX25
Item #: 11CKXDL
Item #: 12KXDL
Item #: 12KX25
Item #: 12CKX25
Item #: 12CKXDL
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