We are committed to offering you the highest quality bars, chains and replacement parts for your chainsaw, with more than 1,700 items to choose from. We also have a large selection of safety wear, forestry tools, sharpening accessories and so much more! 


  • Our line of chain offers a large selection of choices in pitch, gauge and styles. We sell in by the drive link, in loops and reels of 25' or 100'.

  • We offer a large selection of bars for over 20 makes and models of chainsaws. Choose you brand below to get started.

  • Bar guards, grease guns, noses, dressers and more.

  • Sprockets are available in a full range of direct drive styles to fit most popular makes and models of chain saws. Using the finest quality material, all sprockets are precision engineered to produce the maximum in sprocket self-centering efficiency. Manufactured with superior chain flotation qualities to reduce wear, they provide longer service life and performance. Sprockets are available in three popular styles: Mini Spur, Spur and Rim & Drum.

  • Replacement sprocket rims to extent the life of your sprocket.

  • Air filters, clutch & engine parts, fuel, oil & start parts plus much more!

  • We offer chainsaw attachments that will assist you in making rustic boards, plane logs and lumber. Check out the full range of items below.

  • We offer a wide variety of sharpeners - both bench and hand-held, grinding wheels, chain saw repair as well as files and accessories.

  • Safety first! We offer a large selection of safety wear to keep you safe on the job.

  • No job is complete without these tools to get the job done. Wedges, log tongs, lifters chokes and much more!

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