Our arborist section has everything you need to get the job done right! Saws & prunning accessories, gear bags, throw lines, lanyards, carabiners & pulleys, saddles, gaffs & pads, pulleys, rope and much more! 


  • Find the most popular throw line and weight combinations, as well as storage bags, at the best prices.

  • We offer the best tree climbing ropes and well as durable gear bags, to help keep your equipment out of the elements, which will help it last longer.

  • Regular pruning of trees encourages good growth habits. Our pole saw section offers a complete line of tools for you get the job done right.

  • An extensive line of saws, replacement blades, scabbards and straps from all the big name suppliers in the industry, such as Fanno, Silky, Zubat, Hayauchi, Samurai, Weaver and more!

  • Let us help you find the right tree climbing line for your kit. We offer a variety of strands and tensile strengths for all your jobs.

  • When you've got a heavy tree branch or top you need to bring down safely, tree rigging rope is what you need. We offer various different tensile strengths to cover the toughest jobs.

  • Our climbing gear section offers everything for you to get the job done right! Carabiners, pulleys, saddles, gaffs, pads & straps plus lanyards, flip lines and much more! Check our full selection below.

  • Check out our selection of helmets and eye protection that will keep you safe on the job.

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